Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orphan Babies, Clinic Babies....

Santino and Lyka are brother and sister. I'd adopt them both if I could!!!!!
Jasper and Santino.
Young mother with her first baby.
More babies with cute hats

Moms and Babies

Baby hat knitted by my mom's friend Christine! Thank you so much!!
This big baby girl weighed over 10lbs and was a shoulder dystocia!! Stuck for about 5 mins!!!
Posterior baby! Born face up!
Young mom and her baby.

International Beauty Contest

I was asked to judge an International Beauty Contest. The contestants were quite extravagant, hard to judge!
The other judges were quite serious!! he he he
Jenn and Karina came to see me there after!
Some of the judges, artists, and contestants of the contest.
A poor 10 year old boy in the hospital. Jenn is sponsoring his leg surgery. (Notice how 'clean' the hospital is!!)

Friday, February 5, 2010


A Pastor's wife delivered on New Year's Eve. She had high blood pressure and the constant fire works going off didn't help to lower it! First baby of 2010 for us!
My recent trip to Manila to get our new students. We took a big ferry boat cuz it was the only boat going to Calapan that day! Jenn my ever safety conscious roomie, made us all wear life jackets!! This caused a lot of attention cuz no one else ever wears them! They were quite dusty when we put them on! It took 20 mins to figure out how to do them up! The crew was all watching and laughing. As there were 4 of us 'white' ladies, we were asked to visit the captains area and be in lots of pictures!!
Me, Alexis, Christie and Jenn enjoying some sun on the boat deck (while being photographed many times!! he he he
Finally being able to see my 'kids' from Manila!! Christian, Shaira, and Revy!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is Micha!! She is the 1 1/2 year old daughter of my friend Crisel. Crisel, Micha and her new baby, Joy, are living in my house. Crisel is a young widow. Her husband passed away in June 2009. I've known Crisel for almost a year now! She's like a sister to me! Just before baby Joy was born Crisel had come to talk to me about leaving her children at the Ruel orphanage as she had no where to live anymore and no job and no money!!! She was in tears and beside herself!! I couldn't even imagine being forced to give up my own children because there was no way to feed them and no one to help me!! I told her to come stay with me, have her baby and we would figure out what her options are. I love having them here! They are like family to me! But it is an added responsibility as I'm now providing for a family of 3!!! Still praying about their future!
This is Santino!! I love him to bits!! I'd adopt him if I could! He's one of the babies at the Ruel orphanage. He's now 6 months old!!! So sad that I don't get to see him as much as I'd like!
This is Crisel's baby Joy!! She's a darling!! How could we ever give her up!!!
This is a mom, Eleanor and her son Rodenson who delivered with us in Nov 2009. Eleanor lost her previous 2 babies at 1 month and 2 months of age to jaundice. Rodenson had an unusually high bilirubin count so we've been monitoring him for months and he's been in and out of hospital!! They have no money, so we've been paying all medical bills!! Just last week his bilirubin count went down to a normal level!!! Thank you Jesus!!! :)
I don't know how to rotate the pic sorry!!! he he But I was SOOOO excited to receive a box of medical supplies from Doctor Janice as well as a few treats from my sis and family!!! The boxes are only about $100 to send and are quite large! My address is:
Sherina Tatum
c/o Ruel Foundation
Brgy Masipit
Calapan city
Oriental Mindoro
5200 Philippines
(he he he if anyone's interested!!!)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Visiting a young mom and her baby at their home. The baby was super cute except for all the poo exploding from his diaper!!
The baby was only 2500 grams. So tiny. The mom, had 2 other boys and also 2 miscarriages, and she's only 21!!!!

This is Rose our newest Midwife. She's holding baby Otto! He's the baby who was stuck! His head was out for 8 minutes before we could get the body out!! This rarely happens but was our second shoulder dystocia this month!! I named Otto after my Grandpa who passed away the day Otto was born!
This is Nicole, one of the babies at the orphanage. She's just over a year! I love to go and cuddle with her any chance I get!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009